Who We Are

Involved Women Creating Change

In the women's philanthropic movement, everyone brings something to the table:

  • Ideas
  • Money
  • Skills
  • Personal Contacts
  • Talent
  • Community Knowledge
  • Time

Women in Philanthropy was founded in 2002 by a group of 16 businesswomen and community activists in the Columbia area.  Women in Philanthropy is an organization dedicated to revolutionizing the way women give by transforming charitable contributions into philanthropic investments in the community.  The investments of Women in Philanthropy create positive, measurable, long-term change in the lives of women and children by focusing on root causes and pooling resources to increase our impact.

In addition to community philanthropy, we stimulate positive change in community leadership by increasing women’s involvement in the community, women’s community networks and personal development of all women involved.  We promote the idea that every woman can and must be a philanthropist if the challenges facing women and children are going to be addressed.

The combined forces of long-range thinking and pooled resources is evidence of women's resourcefulness and creativity and is leading to real change throughout the United States. That's what we bring to our community's table: a philanthropic commitment to long-term solutions-through leadership, fundraising, advocacy and mentoring.

Women do so much to make communities stronger. They embody the delicate balance of strength and compassion, fight for their beliefs, and are strong collaborators who know how to get things done.